Project Development

IR1 Group personnel have developed eight biofuel plants.  We are currently developing a biofuel plant in Oregon.  We have extensive experience at each stage of the project development process and across multiple first-gen and next-gen process technologies and fuels:

  • Project feasibility/conceptualization
  • Feedstock selection and contracting
  • Final product offtake
  • Financial modeling
  • State and federal grant applications
  • Site selection
  • Permitting
  • Project finance


 IR1 Group personnel have constructed over $650 million of biofuel plants spanning multiple process technologies.  We have an industry leading understanding of biofuel engineering and apply that technical knowledge to next-gen biofuel processes. We have led design-build and self-build projects and performed owner's rep, owner's engineer, construction manager and general contractor/EPC roles.  Our capabilities include:

  • Owner's rep/owner's engineer
  • Technology review/transfer
  • Capital project and program management
  • Process engineering
  • Process safety management
  • Construction management
  • General contracting
  • Equipment procurement



IR1 Group has world class plant operations personnel.  Our plants have all run at approximately 20% above nameplate capacity, the result of many years experience and a deep understanding of the underlying plant process, equipment and bio-chem knowledge.  Specific capabilities include: 

  • Fermentation/chemical optimization
  • Distillation & sieve reprogramming
  • Commercial plant debottlenecking
  • Pilot/demo plant optimization
  • Process engineering
  • Plant crisis/turnaround management
  • Full service contract plant management
  • Management and operator training and SOPs

Expert Advisory

We built expert advisory services around our core competence of project development, construction and operations.  Banks, private equity firms, law firms, insurance professionals and others retain IR1 Group to provide specific technical expertise related to plant valuation, plant repair, plant management, and process technology.  We have performed technical, onsite due diligence of approximately 20 plants over the past several years for M&A purposes.  Specific capabilities include:

  • Legal expert opinion
  • Insurance repair management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Plant evaluation for repair/retrofit
  • Technical and economic due diligence for M&A
  • Financial modeling and advisory
  • Third party evaluation